The first bank managed by Indians was?

  1. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  2. Punab National Bank
  3. Oudh Bank
  4. State Bank of India

Who have written the book “Capital and Growth”?

  1. Adam Smith
  2. Marshall
  3. A. R. Rodon
  4. Hicks

Who fixes the poverty line?

  1. Lok sabha
  2. Planning Commision
  3. Governement
  4. Rajya sabha

What is term Hot Money used for?

  1. a money which comes easily and goes easily too
  2. a money which is hard to come but easy to go
  3. black money
  4. white money

“Blue sky laws” is a term used for laws which are

  1. Only for personal interest of a political party
  2. Which are created in hurry
  3. Which are there to protect public from securities frauds
  4. Which cheaters can use to fraud public