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Important English questions for competitive exams

English Verbs:-

Q 1. I want to while away my time __________ new places in world.
(a) visit
(b) visiting
(c) visits
(d) visited

Answer- visiting

Q 2. I studied hard because I knew that test would __________ difficult.
(a) being
(b) been
(c) can
(d) be

Answer- be

Q 3. I am reading a novel that my mother __________ last year.
(a) is
(b) will
(c) be
(d) had

Answer- had

Q 4. I had left, when my husband __________ .
(a) arrived
(b) arrive
(c) is arrive
(d) was arrive

Answer- arrived

Q 5. If he comes, we __________ go with him.
(a) could
(b) be
(c) shall
(d) being

Answer- shall

English Nouns:-

Q 1. My father decorated my room for my birthday. (Which word is an indirect object noun?)

(a) for my birthday
(b) father
(c) decorated
(d) my

Answer -for my birthday

Q 2. We know our art teacher will not take our class. (Which word is a compound noun?)

(a) not
(b) art teacher
(c) class
(d) know

Answer – Art teacher

Q 3. Jhon and Sara took sandwiches for breakfast. (Which word is an object noun?)

(a) Sandwiches
(b) took
(c) Sara
(d) breakfast.

Answer -Sandwiches

Q 4. Each day in my life having the same routine. (Which word is a singular noun?)

(a) same
(b) my
(c) each
(d) life

Answer -life

Q 5. An empire wrong decision changed match situation. (Which word is a verbal noun?)

(a) changed
(b) decision
(c) match
(d) empire

Answer -decision