Which African American woman will assume the role of FIFA Secretary General for the first time?

  1. Datma Samoura
  2. Fatma Samoura
  3. Fatima Samoura
  4. Fatimah Samourah

Which famous football legend passed away at the age of 84 and was instrumental in winning the 1956 Melbourne Olympics

  1. Pele
  2. Diego Maradona
  3. Anatoly Ilyin
  4. None of the above

All four home nations – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – played at the 1958 World Cup. Where did it take place?

  1. Brazil
  2. Sweden
  3. France
  4. Switzerland

Which former Hockey Player was named as the president of Hockey India?

  1. Dhanraj Pillay
  2. Mariamma Koshy
  3. Sardar Singh
  4. None of the above

Who has the record for scoring the most goals in World Cup history?

  1. Ronaldo
  2. Diego Maradona
  3. Miroslav Klose
  4. Lionel Messi